Video Surveillance

Optimize Visibility and Gather Valuable Business Intelligence

Modern security goes beyond the standard video infrastructure. Today’s advanced technology allows operators to become the eyes and ears of buildings, enabling them to not only protect visitors and assets, but also achieve operational excellence.

Create unique, customized video systems that fit your needs.
Gather intelligence to improve daily tasks and incident response.
 Integrate access to cloud storage for critical video.

Video Solutions for a Safer, Smarter World

When you install a surveillance solution, you are looking for more than visibility. You want to alleviate concern and strengthen peace of mind in the face of day-to-day activities and unforeseen events. To achieve that, your video security system should give you the tools and confidence to protect products, places, and, most importantly, people.

At Tyco, we are experts at incorporating video surveillance systems into a variety of environments that meet your needs, regardless of location size or safety requirements. Our video surveillance solutions help you maintain visibility across a vast ecosystem, while transforming video into actionable data and ultimately business intelligence. Whether you need to optimize and streamline your current infrastructure or address mission critical situations, we have developed enterprise-wide systems to ensure visibility, command, and control.

  • Video Management Systems with collaboration tools and seamless synchronization with access control and intrusion for greater situational awareness and enhanced operator productivity
  • Network Video Recorders that leverage smart video streaming, pre-defined layouts and alarms, and centralized licensing across flexible hardware options
  • Advanced Video Analytics on servers, edge-based cameras, or in cloud devices to provide ease of forensic investigation and acquisition of valuable business data where it is most appropriate for your application
  • IP Security Cameras to meet versatile installations that require advanced recording features and open platform integrations
  • Analog Migration Solutions using hybrid network video recorders and a vast support network of professionally trained engineers and integrators

Hardware and software platforms from American Dynamics allow users to see more and prevent events before they occur. Improve user efficiency and resources with high-performance smart streaming and video intelligence along with an extensive feature set.

From small, single-camera systems to large, scalable deployments with thousands of devices, the Exacq portfolio provides an ideal security solution for nearly any application, particularly those requiring an uncomplicated installation process and intuitive user experience.

Illustra cameras provide a versatile and scalable surveillance solution for deployments where advanced video intelligence, innovative recording features, and open platform integrations are required.

Featured Products



Securely store and search video in the cloud.

victor Video Management System

victor Video Management System

Streamline centralized video and event management.

illustra pro thermal camera

Illustra Pro Thermal Elevated Skin Temperature Camera

Your first line of defense for accurate, contactless skin temperature scanning. Measure forehead temperature at multiple points and quickly alert operators to an elevated skin temperature while complying with new health and safety regulations.

  exacqVision Z-Series Hybrid & IP NVRs

exacqVision Z-Series Hybrid & IP NVRs

High-performance recorders designed for continuous uptime.

Expand Your Security Opportunities

We provide a higher level of commitment to and integration for all your physical and digital security needs.

Cyber Security Solutions

Cyber Solutions

Tyco provides cyber-resilient systems with a range of capabilities to address the diverse security needs of our customers.

Cyber Security Solutions

Connected Partner Program

We help technology partners integrate their third-party solutions with our in-house brands to leverage our sales teams and market on a global scale.

Access Control - Highway Bridge with High-Rise Buildings

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At Tyco, we provide innovative security and protection solutions for homes and businesses around the world. We are leaders in access control, video security, and intrusion detection—and we have years of experience in bringing these all together into seamlessly integrated, converged solutions for our customers. Tyco is a portfolio of brands and products—the most comprehensive portfolio in the industry—and we deliver through a network of partners you trust. And finally, Tyco is part of beat365手机APP, the global leader in smart buildings, efficient energy solutions, and integrated infrastructure.

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