Retail: Helping to Prevent Theft and Protect Profits

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Protecting People and Assets at Retail Locations Across the Globe

Each year, Tyco’s Retail Solutions help protect more than three billion products available at leading consumer outlets around the world. We are committed to using our global resources and network of value-added partners to help our customers improve their profitability and achieve their retail security goals..

Deter Theft and Boost Your Bottom Line

Our innovative solutions protect profits by reducing shoplifting, theft and vendor fraud, and by maintaining inventory accuracy.


Video Monitoring Systems                    Loss Prevention

Network Video Recorders                     Inventory Intelligence

Integrated Solutions                             Store Traffic Insights


Annual inventory shrinkage costs to the U.S. retail industry 

Shopping del sol
Case Study Security
Shopping del Sol

Capture Video to Protect Employees and Shoppers

Tyco’s integrated video solutions can offer retail employees and customers peace of mind knowing that any incident will be seen on camera and captured on a video management system.


Integrated Solutions                              Video Management Technologies

Network Video Recorders                     Video Monitoring Systems

Video Analytics                                     Video Surveillance Systems

Thrifty King Grocery Store
Case Study Retail
Thrifty King Grocery Store

Manage Access Levels for Employees, Vendors, and Customers

Using our access control software can help retailers establish clearly defined access zones in storage rooms, warehouses and loading bays ensuring only authorized personnel are admitted at the correct times. Unauthorized access attempts trigger an alarm and will be captured by cameras, then recorded onto a video management system.

Integrated Solutions                             Video Management Technologies

Network Video Recorders                    Video Monitoring Systems

Video Analytics                                    Video Surveillance Systems

The PC and Wireless Shop
Case Study Security
The PC and Wireless Shop

Our Solutions in Action

Thrifty King Grocery Store

Thrifty King Case Study

Finding an intrusion system that could be installed without disruption.

Retail Store

Special Applications

We offer a broad portfolio for industry-specific applications.

Retail Store

Retail Solutions Marketing Collateral

We help secure stores and improve performance worldwide.

Video Surveillance Camera

Benefits of Using a Unified Video Management Solution White Paper

Top three benefits of using a unified video management solution to merge analog and IP video technologies.

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