Financial and Banking: Improve Security and Reduce Risk

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Smarter Ways to Protect Your Banking and Financial Infrastructure

Security is crucial for multisite financial institutions due to the increased trend of online self-service banking. With an ever-changing economic climate, financial institutions face other challenges as well, to protect their customers, staff, assets, and premises from physical attacks.

Tyco offers an extensive range of security products to address the unique requirements of the financial and banking sector. The integrated solutions offered by Tyco help monitor high-risk areas, provide customer and staff safety, and even manage restricted access.

Prevent ATM Theft and Robbery

ATMs and self-service facilities require a high-quality video surveillance system to avoid theft-related security issues. We offer a range of video and access control systems that can help detect suspicious movements and warn operators to initiate a timely response. Video footage can be used as an evidence for further investigation.


Video Surveillance Systems                      Video Analytics

Integrated Solutions                                  Network Video Recorders

Video Monitoring Systems                        Video Management Technologies 


Workers protected at Central Bank of Paraguay’s central office.

Restricted Access

It is important to protect restricted areas from unauthorized access and electronic security is one of the best ways to handle the threat. Our unique access control badging software is specially curated to meet all your security needs with one single card.


Physical Access Control                             Badging Solutions

Electronic Access Control                          Readers, Exit Devices, and Cards

Biometrics Access Control                         Integrated Solutions


Dunbar- vehicle
Case Study Financial and Banking

Enhanced Security With Video Surveillance

With Tyco’s Video Management System, you can protect your customers and staff from the constant threat of bank raids and ATM muggings. The high-quality images and footage can be quickly exported to DVD/USB to assist the police in further investigation.


Video Surveillance Systems                       Video Management Technologies

Integrated Solutions                                    Network Video Recorders

Video Monitoring Systems                          Video Analytics        

Our Solutions in Action

Coast Bank Of Florida Building

Coast Bank of Florida Case Study

Customer data gets card check.

Central Bank Of Paraguay Building

Central Bank of Paraguay Case Study

Multiple locations protected with Tyco integrated security systems.

Bank Sign Board

Special Applications

We offer a broad portfolio for industry-specific applications.

Network Architecture

Distributed Network Architecture

White Paper  Scalability and load balancing in a security environment.

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